Luggage Store Projection Space: The Messaging of Politics

curatorEliza Barrioslocationluggage store projection spacedateSeptember 1 - September 30

Messaging has existed longer than media, but with the onslaught of technology – messaging and media go hand in hand. From television broadcasts, to YouTube and even graffiti campaigns co-opted by large corporations – there has always been an idea … MORE INFO →

Michael Swaine – Closing Event for O.B.J.E.C.T.S

locationluggage store annex - 509 Cultural Center located on the corner of Ellis & Leavenworthdate8,19,2011

“Objects are concealed from our view, not so much because they are out of the course of our visual ray as because we do not bring our minds and eyes to bear on them….” —Henry David Thoreau  (who’s father ran … MORE INFO →


Creative Music Series – 8-10pm music

locationLuggage Store - 1007, 6th & Market St.date8, 4, 2011

8pm: Libertas (Free-jazz/free-punk sax/electronics/percussion with Tom Griesser, Liz Byrne and Wade Driver) 9pm: zBug David Leikam – moog rogue/electric bass/piano Sheila Bosco – drumset/percussion/electronics zBug aka z_bug is an industrial jazz unit based in San Francisco, CA that presents structured improvisational music sets based on … MORE INFO →


Claire Rojas Creative Work Fund

Pawn Shop Parade event

location509 Ellis @ The Tenderloin National Forestdate7, 23, 2011

pawn shop parade — july 23 — high noon — we will meet at 509 ellis and go by foot to 5 pawn shops near by. everyone should bring something to pawn. an object, something that you are willing to … MORE INFO →