Luggage Store Projection Space: all the metals…

artistRanu Mukherjeelocationluggage store projection spacedateJune 15 - July 15

Luggage Store Projection Space is pleased to present ‘all the metals in our cell phones‘ by Ranu Mukherjee (This piece is also part of a longer work — ‘color of history, sweating rocks’, on view in the Bay Area Now … MORE INFO →

Tenderloin National Forest on CBS5 news

locationTenderloin National Forestdate02 June 2011

Luggage Store Co-Artistic Directors/Artists Darryl Smith and Laurie Lazer of the luggage store have been working to transform Cohen Alley since 1989 from a place emblazed in a health-hazardous cesspool of bodily fluids and other dumped items, non-supervised open-air chemical experiments and illicit … MORE INFO →


locationLuggage Store Annex 509 Ellis at Leavenworthdate6, 2, 2011opening7 to 9 pmclosing6, 26, 2011

“Take Root” Curated by: Caitlin Sweet of Dirtstar We are trash. As queers, marginalized people, refugees, shape shifters, outcasts; as, essentially, “the other,” we have a long-cherished tradition of living on the fringes and surviving off the metaphorical and actual … MORE INFO →


Music Series – 8-10pm music

locationLuggage Store, 1007 6th & Marketdate6, 23, 2011

Music Series Guest Curation by Light A Fire/Open Music 8:00pm Ex/Blip Duo Karl Evangelista: guitarWill Redmond: guitar 8:45pm 6th Street Stampede 9:15pm Gorczynski/Amendola Duo Charles Gorczynski: Reeds Scott Amendola: Drums (This is) an explosive evening of electric guitar duets that runs … MORE INFO →


Tenderloin National Forest on NY Times news

locationTenderloin National ForestdateMay 28, 2011

“ Nestled between a cluster of residential buildings and hotels in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district is a surprising outcropping of green — theso-called Tenderloin National Forest. Formerly known as Cohen Alley, the small urban enclaveis not really a national forest … MORE INFO →