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locationthe luggage storedateOCTOBER 5, 2006

EVERY THURSDAY, 8PM -10PM NEW MUSIC SERIES 8PM Pushing Air, live looping solo acapella with Diana Thompson 8:45 Tin, Taps & Lap, Dr. Bob does a short between sets 9PM Oluyemi Thomas solo

NEW MUSIC SERIES, Quiet American; A. Bosetti music

locationthe luggage storedateSEPTEMBER 28, 2006, 8PM

NEW MUSIC SERIES, EVERY THURSDAY ($6-10 sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds) 8pm: Quiet American (Aaron Ximm) 9pm: Alessandro Bosetti Sound artist Aaron Ximm works with field recordings. Since 1998, his Quiet American project has focused on constructing new … MORE INFO →


locationthe luggage storedateThursday, Sep 21 2006 8:00 PM

NEW MUSIC SERIES 8pm Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel Steini Gunnarson – guitar/laptop, Aram Shelton – sax/laptop 9pm rev.99 (NYC) 99 Hooker’s multi-media collective based in New York City will be screening and performing recent work with local luminaries and memebers from … MORE INFO →

Cohen Alley/GreenLab

Cohen Alley was a dead end alley, used for dumping, defecation and other such activities…. In 1989, rather than “putting up” with the alley, Lazer and Smith energized and transformed the alley by staging day long multidisciplinary site specific events … MORE INFO →

TAVARES STRACHAN, “Where We Are Is Always Miles Away”

locationthe luggage storedateNOVEMBER 17, 2006 - JANUARY 13, 2007openingOPENING NOVEMBER 17, 2006, 6-8pm (Friday)

      WHERE WE ARE IS ALWAYS MILES AWAY installation by TAVARES STRACHAN ARTIST TALK: DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED (SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 11/01/06) ,Under Strachan’s direction, a crew from the City of New Haven, Connecticut excavated a portion of Crown Street … MORE INFO →