Primary Wurld


Buu & Fwends Presents

Primary Wurld

Opening Reception
Saturday, October 19, 2019
6:00 – 10:00 PM

Gallery Hours

Statement from Buu:

‘primary wurld’ is an immersive group installation :):):) everything from the art to the food and drinks will be primary colors & all those who come to opening night (10.19.19) will be active participants!!! to enter primary wurld, folx must wear red yellow &/or blue only (with minimal black & white as needed). an artful primary escape for one night <3 <3 <3 there will be clowns in crazy fits playing around. there’ll be hype bbys shaking their booties on podiums. there’ll be limited edition stick n pokes. a primary makeup station. and more!!! but thats all y’all get for now because the rest is a surprise ;););)

‘primary wurld’ is a show focused on bringing the community together!!! buu is a san francisco based visual artist, performance artist, & community organizer. over the years, she has built relationships with artists, musicians, & activists from many different corners of the bay area. ‘primary wurld’ will bring all of the different folx from all the circles she knows and loves together under one roof for one night :):):) buu hopes people will come out and see the folx they see all the time, folx they haven’t seen in years, folx they’ve admired from a distance or on social media, and meet folx they’ve never seen before!!! we all different and we all beautiful and issa art pariii a primary art pariii <3<3<3 lets have fun and art and dance and get cute and feel free for a lil bbys!!!