Calls for Bikes w/Boomboxes + FM Radios

artistChris Brown + Johanna Poethiglocation6th / Market StdateNovember 19

Calling all bicyclists with boomboxes + FM radios to join artists Chris Brown + Johanna Poethig along with PUBLIC Bicycles and boombotix for this sound+vision+bicycle extravaganza!
The event will take place Saturday, November 19 from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

Bicyclists with boom boxes with FM radios are requested for a quadraphonic interactive radio transmission piece. Low power FM transmitters from the Luggage Store Gallery will broadcast four channels of “Lost Cities”, an electronic sound piece into the neighborhood around Market Street.  Each bicyclist will be given one FM frequency to tune their radio to, and with many bicyclists riding back and forth the four channels will mix freely in the street producing a unique surround sound environment.

Video and audio examples of previous performances can be streamed here (listening with headphones is recommended to get the surround effect!):

Please contact:
Chris Brown at
Johanna Poethig at
Eliza Barrios at
with BICYCLE w/BOOMBOX in the SUBJECT line if you’re interested