Creative Music Series – 8-10pm

locationLuggage Store - 1007, 6th & Market St.date8, 4, 2011

8pm: Libertas (Free-jazz/free-punk sax/electronics/percussion with Tom Griesser, Liz Byrne and Wade Driver)
9pm: zBug
David Leikam – moog rogue/electric bass/piano
Sheila Bosco – drumset/percussion/electronics

zBug aka z_bug is an industrial jazz unit based in San Francisco, CA that presents structured improvisational music sets based on the performance venue and compositional themes along with featuring prominent video artists and musical guests on selected concert engagements. They have also been associated with Wadada Leo Smith, Kidd Jordan, Eddie Gale, and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Trio.

LIBERTAS is a FREEJAZZ/FREE PUNK group from SAN FRANCISCO consisting of TOM GRIESSER – tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet / LIZ BYRNE – electronics, tape machine, percussion / Wade Driver – drums, anything & everything. The sound ranges from subtle gestures to cataclysmic noise. LIBERTAS is revolutionary in essence both sonically and politically. We can be very aggressive but we retain our sense of humor…aspects of the music are comical like an old video game but sometimes the mood can be very dark.

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