o.b.j.e.c.t.(s). by Michael Swaine

location1007, 6th & Marketdate7, 8, 2011
A participatory exhibition by Bay Area artist
Michael Swaine
@ the luggage store annex
509 Ellis Street
July 8th – August 15,2011
closing reception: August 15, 2011 – 11am to 7pm

“Objects are concealed from our view, not so much because they are out of the course of our visual ray as because we do not bring our minds and eyes to bear on them….”— {this was written by that guy who went out and lived in a cabin, who’s father i think had a pencil factory}

Before I go further, You may have noticed something in the previous pages,  my repitition of one word, “Object”. I have chosen to use this word, or even over use this word, instead of others, when ever possible, for several reasons. One reason is its commonness , both everyday and everywhere-ness. Which expresses one of its hidden powers, that of being hidden from view because the  object rests in a place of comfort, we are so used to the object floating infront of us. The origins are from the Latin word ‘obicere’ :‘ob’ meaning towards and ‘jacere’ meaning throw, put together it originally meant throw towards. I like this picture in my head of someone throwing an object, I can see their hand holding the item and the action  or even  protest in the throw. Later it became “something put in someones way so that it can be seen”(1) , a visible object. The word began  as a  verb and turned into a noun and now has the power to be both. So we can ‘object’ to an ‘object’s’ power over us. This place held by words with two meanings can illustrate the connections between nouns and verbs. The connections between things and actions. I will put something in the readers way, I will throw  the object out of our hand so that the invisible – often hidden- will become visible. We will both trip over these objects.

someone who learns when collaborating with others and making objects — michael swaine

someone who thinks about movement — paul benney

someone who thinks about light — elaine buckholtz

someone who thinks about statistics — brian duff

someone who thinks about shadow puppets  — amy franceschini

someone who thinks about wood — nathan lynch

someone who thinks about averages — kate pocrass

someone who thinks about beats — stijn schiffeleers

someone who thinks about plants — archangelo wessells

someone who thinks about words — cooley windsor

someone who thinks about images– heather watson

someone who thinks about film– pete lee

We will inhabit , enliven , collaborate with common objects and not so common people. We will invited several other artist to join and trip over objects together. Create actions to go along with objects. some of these artist will give assignments and walk away. Others will work as a team.  One is just sending a box from nyc. We will decide an act that the two of us can do in a day or two, these acts will be presented during show.