Creative Music Series, 8-10pm

location@ Luggage Store Gallery 1007 6th & Market, 94103, Sf, Cadate7, 14, 2011

Full Moon Concerts: Blessing Moon
Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival
OrcheSperry performs Cardew’s Treatise
Trio Shift

“…a large ensemble of Bay Area musicians formed in his honor, in the spirit of a page his wife found in one of his notebooks outlining his dream of a well-contained ensemble that would defy expectations of what “energy music” or “free music” is or can be. “Loud passages should be the exception and not the rule.” I’m breathing. I’m floating. I’m smelling. I’m thinking.”

Polly Moller
David Michalak
Moe! Staiano
…Lisa Mezzacappa
Kattt Atchley
Phillip Greenlief
Phil Gelb
Michael Zelner
Tom Bickley
Myles Boisen
Aurora Josephson
Bob Marsh
Tim Perkis
Ron Heglin
James Fei
Thomas Scandura
Jacob Felix Heule
David Slusser
Tony Dryer
Tom Djll
Amar Chaudhary
John Hanes
Bill Wolter
Joe McMahon
Tom Nunn
Joseph Zitt
Jon Raskin
Tom Duff
John Shiurba
Gino Robair
Rent Romus


Thursday, Jul 14 2011 8:00