t.w.five “we are humans” @ Ellis & Jones

locationJones and Ellis Streetdate6, 18, 2011

“We are Humans”

is a triptych of three new murals depicting humans and its relationship with the increasingly robotized culture.  It is about living in a time when science is searching for ways to create human traits in robots but in the meantime with all the excess of technology we are losing some of our human senses.

It is also touching the subject of human diversity and its rights to belong to a society or being alienated by it. It all intertwines and also questioning; who are aliens, who are humans, and who decides where you belong and what you are?


t.w.five unveils a new vinyl mural, “we are humans,”

san francisco is so lucky!

If you are in the area,  come to Ellis and Jones St. to see what the hype is about.

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Big thanks to Andrew Bigler!