Music Series – 8-10pm

locationLuggage Store, 1007 6th & Marketdate6, 23, 2011

Music Series

Guest Curation by Light A Fire/Open Music

8:00pm Ex/Blip Duo
Karl Evangelista: guitarWill Redmond: guitar
8:45pm 6th Street Stampede
9:15pm Gorczynski/Amendola Duo
Charles Gorczynski: Reeds Scott Amendola: Drums

(This is) an explosive evening of electric guitar duets that runs the gamut from pointillistic free jazz, to florid, atmospheric rock, to full-tilt, Mahavishnu-cum-Last Exit skronk freakout. Blistering tempos, knife-sharp tones, and energy to spare… bring a spare pair of pants.

6th Street Stampede” is a bit of an experiment. We decided to try using democratically compiled written material as a starting point for improvisation, and a conductor to assist in keeping us from going of the deep end. We think of it as an open ended composition game. This will be our first show and we hope you will like it. Personnel: Mark Forgette on laptop/keyboards, Tim Sullivan on drums/percussion/keyboards, Alex Yeung on guitars/samples, Josh Martin on bass, Ri Crawford on live video, and Caitlin Moe conducting.

Charles Gorczynski is a saxophonist / bandoneonist in oakland… recently moved from chicago where he played in improvising communities for nearly a decade. his records have been released with 482music, ropeadope, serein and others, ranging from free jazz groups to tango chamber ensembles. Most of his time has been spent in duo situations, though tonight will be the first with drummer scott amendola.