“Built on Stories” by Jorge Garcia

locationLuggage Store Gallery Annex at 509 Ellis.date4, 23, 2011closingSaturday April 23, 2011

“Built on Stories” is an homage to ideas.  Imagined artifacts are materialized through mixed media sculpture and collage work.  In an embryonic state something is growing to burst out.  There are always expectations about what may emerge.  When something is born expectation dies and whatever emerges begins to tell of itself.  With actions and words and with truths and lies, our essence is built on stories.

Marcela Moran is a documentary filmmaker from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, whose work serves as an alternative media source.  “Casa del Migrante” and “Red Casa del Migrante”, capture the stories of travelers. These short documentaries will be screened as a part of the show.  The closing will take place on

Jorge speaks with visitors