Luggage Store Projection Space: C. Ryder Cooley

artistC. Ryder CooleycuratorEliza BarrioslocationLuggage StoredateApril 14 - April 30openingApril 15

Luggage Store Projection Space is pleased to present, Xmalia, a new multimedia project about extinction, features music and projections about the Tasmanian Tiger, the Pyrenean Ibex, the Xerces Butterfly, and more. WITH A SPECIAL MUSICAL PERFORMANCE FRIDAY APRIL 15 at 8 p.m.

FRIDAY, APRIL 15 at 8 p.m.
Luggage Store (1007 Market at 6th)

$5-$10 sliding scale
Artist C. Ryder Cooley will have a special musical performance in conjunction with the video installation. She will perform with a six-string ukulele, singing saw, and taxidermy.

C. Ryder Cooley is an inter-disciplinary artist, musician and performer. Weaving together chimeric visions with hypnotic music and projections, her work reveals a terrain of lost dreams and phantom memories. Ryder has performed in numerous bands including The Darklings, Corner Tour and Down River. From 1993-2004 she was an active member of the San Francisco art and music communities. She currently lives in a small river town, north of New York city.

C. Ryder Cooley has participated in a wide range of public works, educational projects and international shows. Selected works have been performed and installed at locations including: White Box and Exit Art galleries in NYC, Yerba Buena and Theater Artaud in San Francisco, El Visio Theater in Mexico City, the Robert Wilson Watermill Center on Long Island, Pan American Art Projects in Miami (FL), and public art projects in Indonesia, El Salvador, France and the Czech Republic.