Community Property

locationluggage store annexdateSeptember 6 - November 20, 2010

Featuring artists in residence Chris Evans and Ernest Jolly

Transbarrow Gardens

Transbarrow Gardens is part of the Community Property project created by Ernest Jolly and Chris Evans. Community Property is the artist in resident project taking place at the Luggage Store Gallery Annex and the Tenderloin Urban Forest located at 509 Ellis St San Francisco. During the initial residency the artist Ernest Jolly and Chris Evans collect digital images and sounds from the Tenderloin as well as perform some necessary tasks to assist with the ongoing enrichment of the neighborhood. The creation of the Transbarrow Gardens is one of the tasks.

The Transbarrow Gardens are mobile box gardens created from repurposed wood, soil and plant material. The wooden boxes used to transport the gardens are hand crafted, unique designs. The mobility of the planters will allow for the creation of temporary green spaces throughout the Tenderloin as well as other parts of the City.

The Transbarrow Gardens is an out growth of,” Luggage Store Co-Artistic Directors/Artists Darryl Smith and Laurie Lazer of the luggage store galleries work to transform Cohen Alley since 1989 from a place emblazed in a health-hazardous cesspool of bodily fluids and other dumped items, non-supervised open-air chemical experiments and illicit – criminal activities — to a community commons where people of all ages can gather for public art, performance, experimental art projects. and classes and activities related to this inner city garden, which is home to naturally growing vegetation and built organic structures, or just to sit….”

Cohen Alley aka The Tenderloin Urban Forrest truly is an oasis within the neighborhood. The Transborrow Gardens will be a mobile extension of the Urban Forest. The Gardens will add more green space to the proposed Parklets while remaining mobile and as temporary or permanent as desire demands.