Community Property At The Tenderloin National Forest

locationTenderloin National Forest & luggage store annexdateSaturday November 20, 2010 4:30 – 8:00 PM

Participating Artist, Dancers and Musicians:
Chris Evans, Ernest Jolly, Bobby (drums), Pretty (guitar), Strong (vocals) Marshall Trammel, David Boyce (Saxophone), Mark Fassett (Guitar/Bass) Richard (poetry), Rose Khor, Esteban, Santiago, Jada Simone (vocals) Brian (guitar), Tom (photographs), Geoffrey Grier (Recovery Theater) Anthony Ward (Recovery Theater), Sheena Johnson, Byb Bibene, Eboni Hawkins Helia, Jane

Community Property is a project developed by the artist team of Chris Evans and Ernest Jolly.  The team is Artist In Residence at the Luggage Store Gallery Annex, The Tenderloin National Forest, Community Property is a multi-media project that incorporates dance, music, video and visual art. Chris and Ernest collaborated with community members and professional artists to explore the existing creativity of the neighborhood. The collaborations developed video, sound recordings and movement in response to the area. There is also a project to extend the green space of the Tenderloin National Forest through the creation of mobile wheelbarrow gardens.