locationluggage store gallerydateJuly
 18-August 28, 2010

Ground Floor Gallery open Tuesdays 
and Fridays at noon
Installation can be viewed outside the Luggage
Store Gallery on Market Street

WHERE: public
spaces in San Francisco including the financial and shopping districts downtown, other venues around the world, online, and a nightly projection
series (starting the last week in July)

WHO:  Artists/Writers/Spaces
Varella, Amy Berk, Andy Cox, Anthony Marcellini, B, bantercut, Cat Ferrez, Char
Tan, Cheryl Meeker, Dan and Cheryl, Eliza Barrios, Francesca Pastine, Gordon
Winiemko, Guy Overfelt, Heather Sparks, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Jenny Bitner, Josh
Wilson, Katherine Worel, KWIK, Les Soeurs Dissentient (L.S.D.), Lowell Darling,
Luther Thie, The Luggage Store Gallery, Marina Perez-Wong, Mattew Rana, Maw
Shein Win, Megan Wilson, Meridian Gallery, Michael Rauner, Michael Zheng, Myron
Michael, Pato En La Cara, Patricia K Kelly, Paz De la Calzada, Peter Haas,
Rhonda Winter, Sarah Lewison, Sean Fletcher & Isabel Reichert, Sean Kennedy,
Stephen Parr/ Oddball Film & Video, Steven Wolf, TWCDC (Together We Can
Defeat Capitalism), Valerie Soe.

WHAT: Artworks
in the media of performative interventions, stickers, posters, web presence,
video projections and more. Specific project descriptions to follow in weekly
press releases.

WHY: Capitalism
Is Over! If You Want It is a series of interruptions/actions launched
in response to the need for a fundamental shift in our approach to
Capitalism and the negative impact it has on the environment, health, and
well being of all. The status quo is not sustainable. The title of the project
references John and Yoko’s powerful WAR IS OVER If You Want It campaign.

Project examples include:
This Little Piggy Went To Market
(Megan Wilson)
is a pink plush pig pushing a shopping cart through the financial district
giving away hand made signs exposing economic inequities.
Together We Can
Defeat Capitalism (TWCDC), a guerrilla art group fighting capitalism since 1996, sticks (it) to
the system once again ferrying a hostage Piggy around downtown in Das Vegetal
and offering stickers with the slogan Capitalism is

Over If You Want it.
Consumers on Strike! hold signs and march
around the shopping district beginning at Macys and ending in the park.
Daily Slots (Eliza Barrios and
Paz De la Calzada) repurposes news stands located
along Market and Montgomery Street with alternative messages focusing on the
economy, consumerism and the un-sustainability of the capitalistic culture.
New York Times Action (Francesca Pastine) covers the NYTimes with graphite pencils, engaging with passersbys about the
nature of censorship and the meaning of information.

Border Acupuncture Treatment (Lowell Darling) places needles in the
earth to increase the flow of people on the planet starting at The Great
Highway in SF.
Sean Fletcher and Isabel
Reichert loudly
argue about money, honesty, infidelity, or getting lost as they travel between
different companies related to oil.
News from the Heartland offers broadcast freeze frames of
the flood of foreclosures, banking collapses, and gold standard delirium.

Market Fatigue (Dan and Cheryl)
stay in bed
because they have run to the end of their credit limits, are exhausted by
looking for jobs, and to protest the proposed sit-lie law.
DOMA: DO ME (B) offers a Buenos Aires,
Argentina perspective with a photonovel, How
Fragile Everything Is. 3:43 min., stills and DV projections