Culminating Exhibition: “Dear Everybody, eat shit”

locationluggage store annex/Cohen Alley, 509 EllisdateMarch 12 – March 27, 2010openingFriday, March 12, 6 – 9pm


Beginning in Mid February, Magdalena Jarkowiec began a three week artist residency at the Luggage Store Annex.During that time she will create fabric homes for her Giant Mutant Dolls, life-size sculptures of sewn fabric that are stuffed with ordinary poly-fil. The residency will culminate in a show, “Dear Everybody, eat shit”.

The title of the show, a private and humorous incantation, is a summary of the artist’s conflicting desires to have a place in the world, and to have the
world leave her the hell alone. The dolls are a wild and imaginary resolution to that conflict: in their strangeness and absolute singularity they have no hope of having a place in the world, but they seem at ease in their exclusion.The dollhouses will emphasize that ease; they will allow the dolls to be seen without the dolls “showing themselves”. They will be seen in their own world.