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$6-10 sliding scale
Outsound Presents and luggage store present:
Music by the Eyeful: Inventions in Visual Audio
A sweet narcotic noise with Hologlyphics and Nate Boyce with Chen Santa Maria
Hologlyphics is the art of performing true 3D animations along with with music. It combines elements of holography, music, video synthesis, visionary film, electronic music, sculpture and improvisation to create a unique new artform. Emphasis is focused on exploration of new, previously unseen 3D animations, patterns, scenes and glyphs, not on photorealistic imagery. The Hologlyphic Funkalizer is a performance based Analog/Digital video synthesis system, that displays moving true 3D images, intertwined with music and spatial sound. Visuals and sounds are controlled by musical keyboards, acoustic instruments, sound sculptures and a unique control panel. Sounds can be associated and interact with images, modulate each other and undergo vast spatial transformations in the aural and visual realm.

nate boyce with chen santa maria
Nate Boyce’s analog and digital skills merge to form entirely new and insanely psychedelic videos that explore the thresholds of perceptual ambiguity. Oakland duo Chen Santa Maria mix electro acoustic sound sources, samplers, drum machines, and guitars to hone their varied outputs. Their collaboration results in stunning and immersive performances of aural and optic strobe.