locationthe luggage storedateOct 30, 2008, 8:00 PM

6-10 sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds

8 to 10pm: Droneshift
2 hour drone.

22 Musicians will perform in constantly-shifting collaborations to create a continuous drone piece.

Jen Baker – trombone
Ferrara Brain Pan – clarinets/signal generators
Amar Chaudhary – computer
Kevin Corcoran – cymbals
Matt Davignon – cassettes/objects
Tom Duff – cargo cult banjo
Adam Fong – Contrabass
Phillip Greenlief – tenor sax
John Hanes – nintendo DS
Travis Johns – electronics
Jim Kaiser – bicycle wheel
Andrew Kaluzynski – computer/guitar
Jacob Lindsay – clarinet
Lucio Menegon – guitar
David Michalak – lap steel guitar
Suki O’Kane – no input bass drum
Rent Romus – electronic devices/instrument sound sources
Damon Smith – contrabass
Errol Stewart – guitar
Tim Walters – Computer
Michael Zelner – wind synth