locationthe luggage storedateThursday, Nov 6 2008 8:00 PM



8pm: Jacob Lindsay – clarinets, Kristian Aspelin – guitar & Jerome Bryerton – percussion
9pm: Simon Rose – saxophone(UK) Jerome Bryerton – percussion(CHI) Damon Smith – double bass (SF)

Simon Rose is best known in the field of free improvisation as leader of the trio “badland” together with Simon Fell on double bass and Steve Noble on drums. He has also performed solo over the course of the last
five years. Influences are broad and as well as European and American ideas relating to free improvisation (from those such as Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann, Han Bennink) he is also interested in
musical ideas on particularly wind and especially reed instruments as used historically throughout the world and particularly in Asia. As well as a saxophonist Simon is a very experienced teacher and has taught music and drama in different settings both full and part time. Much of his teaching work has been with young people who have special educational needs. He is currently doing an MA (Professional Practice) concerned with performance and education.

Jerome Bryerton is an experimental percussionist and visual artist from Chicago. He has recorded, toured or played with many of today’s most notable free improvisers: John Butcher, Wolfgang Fuchs, Peter Van
Bergen, Cecil Taylor, William Winant, Alan Silva, Torsten Muller, Frank Gratkowski, Henry Kaiser and Vinny Golia. Jerome’s goal is to use his percussive materials to mirror practices of modern art, philosophy and
post-modern theory. The idea being to develop and express the improvisational elements that life itself presents.

Damon Smith’s live and recorded efforts focus on continuing and expanding the possibilities of the double bass and “instant composition.” His instrumental study focuses on classical technique and
etudes, while using jazz as reference for pizzicato tone. Damon performs as a soloist and in every imaginable grouping all the way to large orchestra.