“Kick Out the Jams, Hot and Cold Show”

locationthe luggage storedateMay 8 - Aug 6, 2008openingFriday, May 9, 2007, 6-8pm


featuring work by artists featured in the current edition of

“Hot and Cold”

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, Amanda Eicher, Chris Taggart, Bill Dunlap, Christopher Robin Duncan, Ryan Jacob Smith, Julianna Bright, The Golden Bears, Paul Schiek, William Swanson, Jason Jagel, Butt Johnson, Colter Jacobsen, Tucker Nichols, Andy Vogt,Glen Baldridge, Chris Corales, Ernest Burgos, Griffin McPartland, Paul Wackers, Hisham Akira Bharocha, Jen Smith, Jeremy & Claire Weiss and Chris Pew

This group show features artists whose work is featured in the latest edition of the artist produced zine, “Hot and Cold.”

Selected artists were chosen “organically,” by Duncan and McPartland and each artists’ work varies in artistic discipline and/or practice.

Several artists will be creating new work/….

Christopher Taggart
Color Photographs, Super Glue
A well-used softball was acquired from the trunk of a friends car. The surface of the softball was then systematically divided into about 494 small numbered triangles using pencil and colored pens. The triangles progressively change in size across the surface of the softball. Each triangle was then photographed so that it approximately filled the frame of the camera. These 494 photographs were then printed as standard 4×6 snapshots.

Amanda Eicher:
Site specifc “corner work,” made from drywall.
The drywall shell would roughly take the form of a Rwandan king’s house,
a conical hut often used for entertaining.

Andy Vogt:
Vogt will build a large lath (think plaster and lath) sculpture. The lath is from old houses and apartments in the city that are being renovated; the work is based in geometry and perspective.

will paint a site specific work directly on the wall.

Chris Duncan
will present a monolith (roughly 9ftx4ftx2ft) work made out of paint and string scraps.

Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough
Duct tape paintings based on the NYTimes and Internet media gossip pages.


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