CREATIVE MUSIC SERIES, Lords of Outland, Eddie the Rat

locationthe luggage storeopeningThursday, February 21, 2008 8:00 PM

Double CD Edgetone Release Performance
8pm Lords of Outland – “You can sleep when you’re dead!”
9pm Eddie the Rat – “Insomnia Sound Bible”

Rent Romus – alto, soprano, and C-melody saxophones, voice, accordion | CJ Borosque – fx pedals Ray Scheaffer – 6-string electric bass | Philip Everett – drums, autoharp, electronics The Lords of Outland present their latest black metal deth jazz sequel to Culture of Pain. In this day, this dawn, when privacy rapidly begins to dwindle where the difference between inside and outside of one’s head or one’s house or one’s inbox are growing more blurred. we find ourselves in new territory, a no man’s land where everyone has fifteen hours of fame, whether they know it or not. There is no choice anymore in what is open to the electronic voyeur. The eyes of the world are upon us and we are all stripped naked on the internet, over the phone, in our email and in our very thoughts. Nothing is hidden from the watchful eyes of the ‘gods’. We are on display for their amusement. However, as the watcher watches so too do we watch him. So too do we indulge in voyeuristic fashion, in the analysis of his behavior. He is the wolf to our sheep, but we are the hunter to his wolf, and as the spiral turns so to the watcher and the watched become one in a dance, the pull eternal, between fascism and freedom.

Eddie the Rat is the
pseudonym for composer and multi-instrumentalist, Peter Martin. Starting in 2000 as a one-man electro-acoustic experiment in sound and composition, within a year Martin’s vision evolved into a performing group bearing the same name. During the first two years of the group’s existence, the ensemble usually consisted of no less than 12 members and included members of 7 year rabbit cycle, Secret Chiefs, Zen Guerrilla, and others. Insomnia Sound Bible is a recording of the shorter songs that were being played alongside larger scale pieces in the group’s live sets at this time. “Insomnia Sound Bible” is the songbook to a sleepwalker’s guide through oblivion.
Its soundscape is made of violins and cellos, trumpets and clarinets, lots of percussion and homemade instruments, and telepathic harmonizing and other voices. As with all Eddie the Rat recordings, the intention is for the CD to be listened to as a whole, however, these are songs which can also be taken in their own context.