locationthe luggage storedateSEPTEMBER 13 2007


$6-10 sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds

8pm Failure (Andy Way and Bruce Anderson)
9pm Antony DiGennaro
(Ventura CA)- filthy guitars of the acoustic and electric variety, electric bass and fretless bass guitars, prepared guitars and giraffe, stringed things, metal objects, garbage, electronics, the scrotar

Antony is a composer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and music educator originally from Simsbury, Connecticut, currently residing somewhere in Southern California. He has been involved in groups in the past such as the avant-jazz group A Probe Called Gnomes (with Dan Campolieta – keys, Tom Monaghan – percussion, and Geoff Saunders – bass) and Javanese Gamelan Kyai Doro Dasih under the leadership of Pak Djoko Walujo. Current group projects include Tinhorn Justice, an experimental metal group (with Cory Beers on percussion and vocals, Ian Carrol on trombone and vocals, James Barry on cello and electric bass, and Kyle Ross on vocals and electronic devices,) Ham on Rye, (Nick Rosen – bass, Cooper Baker – laptop,) and Mossman (Jake Vossler – guitar and vocals, Austin Wrinkle – percussion, Antony on electric bass.) Antony has also recently completed recording the solo guitar album The Dunes Thus Far, (to be released independantly in the near future) and is in the process of writing for a new, mostly acoustic solo guitar album to be recorded this fall and released on pfMentum. In addition to writing and
recording he is currently completing the fourth year of his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at California Institute of the Arts in Music Composition.
He has also written scores for the award winning animated films The Shoes, Ringmaster, and Secret Piano by Wenchung Lu, the live-action
Cheat Mountain Run by Ben Feuer, and Miedo/Treuhand and The End by Sandra Powers. ..