locationthe luggage storedateSep 27 2007 8:00 PM

8:00pm Bob Marsh CD release performance of VioVox Violin, Voice, Samples, etc.
8:45pm Blaise Siwula/Robyn Siwula-saxophone/viola/violin (NY)
9:30pm VoxMaids

JoJo Razor: vocals, percussion, loop box
Cynthia Weyuker: vocals, saw, accordion, and various things

About VioVox from Bob Marsh:
I recorded this collection of rantings, ravings, sermons, scenes, little operas and whatever else they might be, in the flat lands of Richmond
California in the spring of 2007. Richmond California lies along the east side of the San Francisco Bay and was at one time the home of
Rosie the Rivieter I vocalize, play violin and cello and use samples I created on a Boss Looper Station. I employ a Boss Harmonizer
on my voice on most tracks and use a Korg Kaoss III Pad on a few tracks. The cello and violin are processed through a Yamaha Stomp Box
and a Line 6 DL-4. I constructed the loops from my voice, violin, cello and Silver Park, an instrument I recently invented. The recordings were
done direct to minidisc. A word about the words.

Not all the words are words. Most are almost words, made from the gesture of speech towards meaning just before the word itself arises. Feel free to complete anything you think might be missing. Most of the songs are not really songs, rather sonic pictures that dance through time without necessarily arriving at a particular destination. I hope this clears up some questions people have had recently about just what it is that I
might be saying. The words that are clear are clearly words. Those that are not clear are unclear.