new music series

locationthe luggage storedateAug 30 2007 8:00 PM

8:10: Ayako Kataoka & Travis Johns – field recordings & electronics
8:45: Gilles Aubrey from Berlin presents “Berlin Backyards” for field recordings, electronics & improvisation
9:30: Ben Owen (NYC)

Gilles Aubry is a Swiss sound artist & computer musician based in  Berlin since 2002. He uses field recordings, improvisation and generative techniques to create environmental compositions at the border of space representation and musical abstraction. His work has been released on Creative Sources, Cronica Electronica, Schraum, Conspiracy, Sound Implant and broadcasted on Frameworks (, London), giant Ear)) (NYC), Sound of Space (Paulo Raposo, Lisbon) and Radio Inkorrekt (Berlin). “A good example of how sounds can be intense and physical without the use of an overwhelming volume.” (A. Chessex)