locationthe luggage storedateTHURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2007

$6-10 sliding scale donation, no one refused for lack of funds

8pm ARCANUM Alan Lechusza Ori Barel laptop and live video. (LA)
9pm the giants of gender (OH) Andy Meyer, Kyle Farrell, and Jenna Barvitski

is a multi-media art ensemble founded in 2005 by composer/performers Ori Barel and Alan Lechusza. Incorporating videographer Gil Omry-Barel
and cellist Carolyn Lechusza Aquallo the founding art quartet of ARCANUM became realized. Building upon the multiplicity of histories engaged, ARCANUM has been able to navigate and guide their collective way through active engagement of works which range from improvised to through composed works. Artistic Statement: ARCANUM is devoted to producing multi-media art works which blur the constructed lines of artistic demarcation solidified in a post-modern society.
g.o.g….a violent rejection of certain traditions has become an integral element of our music. therefore, in a referential sense, we are necessarily aware of these former practices. modern society has made this rejection central. without it, our music, improvisational music, would be impossible.

though we have become consumed by the past and engulfed by the future, our influences stem perpetually from the present. unlike sex, which is a biological concept, gender is a social construct specifying the socially and culturally prescribed roles that men and women are to follow. we have trumped these preconceptions of heteronormalcy.