locationthe luggage storedateFriday, MAY 25 2007, 8pm

at the luggage store, 1007 Market (nr 6th)
$6-10 sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds

YXIMALLOO (from Japan)

AXOLOTL & BULBS (San Francisco)


EYE MYTHS (Portland)

YXIMALLOO “Spiritual kin to early artpunk and especially the LAFMS, herevels in mock-ethnic music and nonsense. Lo-fi, sweet and primitive, and uses ancient drum machines, hand percussion, and electronic dropletnoises, sometimes set to melodies gathered from some imaginary South Sea island where the traditional instrument is seemingly an old ’80s synth.”http://www.myspace.com/yximalloohttp://www014.upp.so-net.ne.jp/yximalloo/

AXOLOTL & BULBS Members Jon Almaraz, William Sabiston and Karl Bauer unite to createan instrumental exhibit of sound combining acoustic and electronicguitar, violin and drum manipulation. Axolotl recently released analbum on Important Recordshttp://www.importantrecords.com/releases/imprec120_release_page.htmhttp://www.aphidtrip.com

From the SF Bay Guardian – George Chen”

“It gets increasingly difficult to describe how Jon Almaraz and William Sabiston make their electronic drum pads and guitar effects do what they do, probably because they keep getting weirder. The last time they played at Godwaffle Noise Pancakes, covering the stage and their bodies with psychedelic floral prints, the duo summoned alien birdcalls and densely beatific drones out of a nest of wires. Without a record or even (gasp!) a MySpace page to speak of, Bulbs hole up and practice like maniacs for their all-too-rare live shows. I would say Bulbs are underrated, but it’s unclear what rating system they even register on. Maybe tie a hypercolor shirt to a Geiger counter and then melt a bunch of John Fahey records till they look like a Frank Gehry building. Opener East Bay wunderkinder Robin Williams on Fire do the Arab on Radar gambol with excess energy and a fulsome ruckus.

INCA ORE with LEMON BEAR’S ORCHESTRA “Eva Saelens (a.k.a. Inca Ore) can sing. Like a spastic 5-year-oldMeredith Monk fanatic with an explosive temper, she can sing. With herpipes alone, she can raise the ruckus of an entire Magic Band plus aSiamese cat on spin cycle. And she has the self-discipline to makecompelling art from her seemingly unhinged vocal contortions. ” Dusted Reviewhttp://www.dustedmagazine.com/reviews/3063

EYE MYTHS Arriving from Portland, Oregon, EYE MYTHS borrow their name from ashort film crafted by experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. They area mercurial troupe of sound artists implementing found and oncediscarded devices to creat a fantastic landscape invoking unexplainablesounds and feelings.