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Exile to Eulipia

Exile can be a form of punishment. It means to be away from one’s home while either being explicitly refused permission to return and/or being threatened by prison or death upon return.Exile can also be a self-imposed departure from one’s homeland. Self-exile is often practiced as form of protest or to avoid persecution.

Eulipia brings a collaboration of experimental music and word exploring the theme of exile featuring host D. Scot Miller, writer Kwan Booth, and Axolotl.

Kwan Booth is a west Oakland journalist, writer and arts activist.  He covers arts and culture and and has written for The Oakland Post, The San Francisco Bayview and  He’s been a creative writing fellow at the Hurston/Wright Foundation and is featured in Beyond the Frontier : African American Poetry for the 21st Century.

Though at times an ensemble, AXOLOTL is more often than not the musical explorations of Karl Marx Bauer.  Using his voice and violin sent through a web of electronics, Bauer creates transcendent drones and melodies that are  both beautiful and seductively eerie.  Axolotl has toured Europe and the United States and shared the stage with the likes of Animal Collective, Black Dice, Boris, Charlambides, Chris Corsano, Comets on Fire, Double Leopards, Excepter, Sightings, the Skaters, Terrestrial Tones, Thuja,and Yellow Swans.

Douglas “D. Scot” Miller is a Bay Area  writer, visual artist , teacher, and curator. A founder of The BlackBard Writing Collective, and on the board of directors to noctunes review, he is a regular contributor to The East Bay Express, SF Weekly, YRB NYC, Popmatters, Showcase Magazine, and has published the afro-surreal Knot Frum Hear(an excerpt will appear in the forthcoming Bronx Biannual Two, Akashic Books, February 2007), and Slicker, a book of poems.

The Eulipia/Knot Frum Hear Performance/Salon seeks to explore alternative spaces within the diasporic spectrum through performance, sound, and sight. With a focus on lo-tech, neo-primitive/paleo-sophisticate, and invention outside the realms of conventional and mainstream expression, Eulipia becomes a destination for avant garde artists who revel in the collisionof past, present and future, steel and wood, circuitry and artery, howl and song.