EULIPIA/KNOT FRUM HEAR, Cecil Brown/Janaki Ranpura

locationthe luggage storedateTuesday, APRIL 3, 2007



hosted by D.Scott Millerfeaturing

CECIL BROWN, novelist
KENNY BROOKS, saxaphonist
JANAKI RANPURA, puppeteer and visual artist

Cecil Brown is best known for his 1969 novel The Life and Loves of Mr.
Jiveass Nigger. His writings focus on the black man’s search for  respect and identity in a racist white society. An angry and provocative writer, Brown uses humor to inform his social protest. Brown has written both fiction and nonfiction; he is a poet, playwright, screenwriter,  filmmaker, commentator, and critic.

He will premier his film, “I, Stagolee: Chapter Five”, will read from  the book with saxophonist Kenny  Brooks, and talk about the evolution of  Stagolee. This evolution is about how a theme starts out as a   ” real incident,” and then is transformed into a folk ballad, and then as prose fiction–I, Stagolee, the novel–and finlly as a film adaptation from the novel.

Janaki RanpuraRanpura is a shadow puppeteer and visual artist. She is a graduate of  Yale University, and is currently enrolled in the Physical Theater program at the Lecoq School in Paris, France. She has performed in Coyote’s Journey with San Francisco’s Shadowlight Productions, The Relevant Theater Company’s Ego Alter Ego, and co-produced the May 17th Cabaret at Studio Valencia. She is also a painter and graphic designer. Janaki will be doing a performance pieceabout drowning.