The Eulipia/Knot Frum Hear Performance/Salon seeks to explore alternative spaces within the diasporic spectrum through performance, sound, and sight. With a focus on lo-tech, neo-primitive/paleo-sophisticate, and invention outside the realms of conventional and mainstream expression, Eulipia becomes a destination for avant garde artists who revel in the collision of past, present and future, steel and wood, circuitry and artery, howl and song.


Kitundu is a, sound/visual artist, graphic designer, composer and instrument builder. He uses an interdisciplinary approach to develop compositions-installations-instruments that blur the boundaries between media. He has constructed elementalturntables that rely on wood, water, fire and earthquakes for their power and pitch. Kitundu is the creator of a family of Phonoharps, beautifully crafted multi-stringed instruments made from record players. He strives to reconnect the technology of new
music to fundamental principles drawn from the natural world.

Tan Khanh Cao
Gia Dinh province 40 miles inland northwest of Saigon birthplace of my fathers father the red earth there is good for growing pine trees and coffee plants

I am thankful for being permitted to exist grateful for the responsibility of having something to offer Open to the journey and its crossings and who and what I meet…and to be someone met on those paths.
Willing to be care-full and present.

I paint.

D. Scot Miller
Douglas “D. Scot” Miller is a Bay Area writer, visual artist, and teacher. A founder of The BlackBard Writing Collective, a regular contributor to The East Bay Express, YRB NYC, Showcase Magazine, Popmatters, Mosaic Magazine and has published the afro-surreal Knot Frum Hear(an excerpt will appear in the forthcoming Bronx Biannual Two¬† Akashic Books¬† February 2007), and Slicker, a book of poems. He divides his time between writing, wearing nothing but a bowler hat, and taking care of his son, Tre.