locationthe luggage storedateThursday, Sep 14 2006 8:00 PM


$6-10 sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds

for more information see: Bay Area Improviser

Set1: Satellite

Steini Gunnarson – guitar/laptop

Liz Meredith – viola/electronics

Travis Johns – bass/laptop

Set2: Leif Shackelford – viola/electronics/video

Set3: French guitarist David Fenech

Five Facts about Satellite:

  1. Oakland-based trio consisting of Liz Meredith, Steini Gunnarsson and Travis Johns.
  2. Generally characterized by quiet improvisations and an extensive, yet subtle integration of electronics into their performances.
  3. Formed in early 2006 at Mills College.
  4. Each member plays a string instrument of some sort. Just not in the way you would expect them to play it.
  5. All originally hail from at least three time zones east of here.

Five Facts about Leif Shackelford:

  1. Originally from St. Paul, Mn. recently transplanted to SF.
  2. Performs on various combinations of viola, electronics and video.
  3. Also has been known to perform on other instruments such as junkyard percussion and electric tailpipes.
  4. Graduate from the Oberlin Conservatory’s TIMARA Program.
  5. Frequent collaborator and member of the Shinkoyo Collective (

David Fenech has been an active composer, performer, and improviser for over ten years in france. His works include acoustic, electronic, tape, and digital media, including sound installations and film scores. As a soloist, david fenech plays guitar and ukulele as well as small instruments like toy piano and xylophone.  Born in july 1969 (at the same time men were walking on the moon), david received a guitar for his 10th birthday and never ceased making music since then. After creating the musical collective peu importe in grenoble in 1991 (free improvisation and songs – many gigs in Europe) his music has shifted to more personal and strange areas, mainly using voice as an instrument.