New Music Series

locationthe luggage storedateJUNE 22, 2006


8pm: Neo-Realist
George Cremaschi -doublebass/electronics
Liz Allbee – trumpet/electronics
Matt Ingalls – clarinet/electronics

Matt Ingalls is a clarinetist, composer, improviser,
concert producer, and computer musician from Oakland.

Liz Allbee is a trumpet player from Oakland, California where she plays in groups Le Flange du Mal, MurderMurder, and Diatric Puds. Shes also
a voracious improviser and has collaborated, played, and recorded with musicians both locally and abroad, including Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith, MonoPause, Neung Phak, Zeek Sheck, and members of Crack:WAR, Caroliner, Metalux, Rova, and Sun City Girls.

George Cremaschi has been playing music for many years. He moved to California from New York a long time ago. Hes performed in a lot of different contexts in a lot of different places with a lot of great folks. Hes appeared on a plethora of recordings, most rather obscure
and probably difficult to obtain. He lives mostly in Oakland, and sometimes in the Czech Republic.

9pm: Tom Duff presents new works and ‘chestnuts’ of the avant-garde for analog and digital electronics.

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