NEW MUSIC SERIES, Chris Fleeger, Agnes Szelag

locationthe luggage storedateThursday, Apr 20 2006


8pm: Christopher Fleeger: Computer/controllers
9pm: Agnes Szelag (cello/electronics)
with Ben Bracken (guitar/electronics)

6-10 sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds

Christopher Fleeger:
In the school of the acousmatics, Christopher Fleeger works with sound disembodied from it’s origin through field recording and makes use of the computer as a tool for cataloging timbre and establishing a musical network. Much of his performance material uses gestural sensors and touch panels to control the interaction between recorded soundscapes and live input from another player or from sonic activity in the performance space. Over the years Fleeger has acquired a reputation for unusual and ambitious listening trips, recording everything from beetles under the bark of trees on the Appalachicola River to the dissenting political heart of the United States in auditorium parking lots across the country during the Dixie Chicks’ notorious antiwar-statement tour.

Agnes Szelag was given a microphone at age four and has been fascinated with all types of recording mediums since then. Her work includes songwriting, electronics, improvisation, cello, voice, dance, and visual mediums such as photography, sculpture and video. Over the last five years Agnes has performed in the Bay area as aggiflex, Comfort Food (w/ Abe Dichi), and most recently myrmyr (w/ Marielle Jakobsons) doing both live audio sets as well as being a VJ.

Bracken plays music that is sometimes electronic and sometimes acoustic, sometimes improvised and sometimes scripted, sometimes loud and sometimes quiet. To do this he uses prepared guitar, laptop, junk, field recordings, contact mics, feedback and silence. He is currently enrolled at Mills College for an MFA of Electronic Music and working on both performance and installation oriented works and is especially interested in the issues of the perception of space as mediated by sound.