locationthe luggage storedateMarch 9 2006 8:00 -10PM

March 9 2006 8:00 -10PM
($6-10 sliding scale (no one refused for lack of funds)

8pm William Fowler Collins (solo electric guitar/lap steel)

9pm Jim Ryan (Sax); Phillip Everett (Percussion); Ray Schaeffer (Bass)

8pm: Originally from rural New England, William Fowler Collins (b.1974) has been based in San Francisco, CA since 1992. His music explores and synthesizes both musical and extramusical elements. Improvisation, field recordings, electric guitar, laptop computer,
processed recordings, microcassette tape recorders, and home-made electronic devices all play roles in the creating, performing, and recording of his music. He recently graduated from Mills College where he studied with Fred Frith, Maggi Payne, Alvin Curran, and Chris Brown. Collins currently plays electric guitar (and occasionally laptop/electronics) in both solo and group contexts.

9pm: Everett, Ryan, Shaeffer (e.r.s.). is a recently formed trio of veterans from the canons of  traditional and free jazz, folk rock, advanced classical (Stockhausen, Partch, Feldman, etc.), the west coast improv world, Gothic pain, and science fiction . . . a diverse background infused with imaginative intuition of the need for an intelligent musical response to the absurdities of present-day living.

M. Everett began playing Drums and Percussion at the age of 13, learning the basics while playing in orchestras and marching bands. His
first professional gig was at age 17. He has been performing in varying musical contexts for over 35 years while taking time to study with George Marsh and Eddie Moore. His main musical influences are Sun Ra, Harry Partch, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Sunny Murray, and Anthony Braxton.
Literary influences include H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and Philip K. Dick

Schaeffer – fretless 6 string , fretted 8 string electric basses and effects. Has performed in a diverse array of ensembles from full orchestra to folk rock bands, and experimental improv groups going back to the 70s.

Jim Ryan
– alto/tenor sax & flute. Started playing during the early ’70’s when the free jazz explosion hit Paris. He returned from Paris and worked on the east coast during the ’80’s, and has formed several groups of his own (Forward Energy, The Left Coast Improv Group, & Subjects of Desire) in the Bay Area since the mid-90’s.