NEW MUSIC SERIES, Aaron Ximm, Guillermo Galindo

locationthe luggage storedateThursday, Feb 2 2006 8:00- 10PM

New Music

$6-10, sliding scale, no one refused for lack of funds

8pm Quiet American (field recordings/oscillators)
Sound artist Aaron Ximm works with field recordings. Since 1998, his Quiet American project has focused on constructing new soundscapes from the recordings he collects during travel. His work emphasizes the fragile, the subtle, the intimate, and the lovely.

9pm gal*in_dog AKA Guillermo Galindo (electroacoustic soundscapes/21st century composition)
Post-Mexican composer Guillermo Galindo’s artistic work spans a wide spectrum of artistic expression including symphonic composition, musical computer interaction, electroacoustic music, opera, film music, instrument building, multimedia installation, and soundscape design. gal*in_dogs most recent work has focused on translating contemporary syncretic and hybrid symbolism into sonic rituals that wed contradictory concepts such as primal instincts, animism, and mythology with science and technology.