NEW MUSIC Serics, French Radio; Spasmolodic Duo

locationthe luggage storedateThursday, Nov 10, 2005 8:00 PM

new music series

David Noel Moscovich, prepared guitar, keyboard
Shane Schneider, percussion, tenor sax

$6-$10 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds
all ages welcome


“French Radio is a sporadic project of improvisation and drone music involving Andrew Way processing abused turntables and microphones, James Kaiser manipulating tapes and bowed metal, and Bruce Anderson of MX-80 infamy with effected guitar. multiple looping devices are usually employed by each player, helping build complex structures of sometimes meditative, other times harrowing nature. This Bay Area trio has performed together over the past 3 years, and has recorded at least 2 discs of soon to be pressed material.”


The Spasmolodic Duo is a free improvising, crypto-psycho-rhythmic organism ranging from angry meditations on neo-imperialism to absurdist postal-modern treatments of jazz standards to west african percussive free-noise.

David Noel Moscovich (prepared guitar, keyboard) has studied and played with ghanaian master drummer ni ardey alotee, bassist glen moore, and grupo afrocuba matanzas. he has composed music for several nationally broadcast ed documentary films, played with tucson

playback theatre, cexfux, portland bike ensemble, slack variables, and collaborates closely with novelist mike daily. he has been known to infiltrate political conventions with a homemade press pass.

Shane Schneider (percussion, tenor sax) a force for dyslexistential improvisational music, his penchant for avant-performance art, garnished from decades as a comedian and performer, informs all his playing. shane has toured internationally with the magic theatre, and for many years has been an irrepresible presence in the west coast improv scene and based in portland, ore, touring with tat vamasi, portland bike ensemble, 411 collective.

“Purely spontaneous improvisation from Noel Moscovich (guitar/sampler, bell, war-protest screaming) & Shane (trap set, saxophone, wind
instruments, etc. Their improvs are actually pretty interesting… th'”screaming” gets in th’ way a bit (sometimes), but I’ve “been here”, & it’s often a necessary element of getting far enough “out” that you can transcend the political & begin to speak the true language – MUSIC! Low-fi, to be sure, but not low energy! I’ve been in duos like this, & th’ key thing (I believe) that determines “good” from “bad” in this kind of setting or group is – ARE they having FUN with it? & “Spasmodic Duo” is unquestionably having a blast! There are no comparisons that
can be made, because these guys are in their own zone… I enjoyed listening to it, but gramma’ prob’ly wouldn’t.. in fact, SHE’d run ’em outta’ th’ garage! In the overall, this is good (meaning fun) enough to rate a RECOMMENDED for those hardcore improv listeners who want something they haven’t heard before. ” – Rotcod Zzaj