Night Of The Hunter by Chris Komater

location509 Ellis St.date5, 1, 1987closing5, 31, 1987

Solo installation, Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, 1997.
Photos, sound of breathing and crickets, lamp with hand cut shade, fake fur, found furniture (16’x32’x12′)

The “bear movement” is composed of men who share and exalt in the physical characteristics of bears: lots of body hair, facial fur, and big bellies.

Departing from a long established ideal, the movement eroticizes a body type that has, until recently, been given little erotic visibility in the gay community. Night of the Hunter,

translates Komater’s  obsession with hairy men into an environment the viewer can enter.

His passion for the hirsute is rendered as a quest for beauty and as a place to live: I the artist/hunter, and the hairy bears his subject/trophy.